Dan MuranoPhotography

I'm the guy who keeps this site running, and I'm honored to share this forum with these wonderful friends as both current and future contributors. I've been a photographer for most of my life, and I look forward to sharing much of the work I've done within these pages. And for photographers,  I also look forward to sharing tips on how best to capture and display your own work, either film-based, digital, or a combination of both.

Medium format scanning with the Plustek OpticFilm 120

December 5, 2013
When Nikon stopped production on their Coolscan 9000, I thought we'd never see another dedicated medium format scanner.

Solitary Moments

March 4, 2013
A sampler of color and black and white photos.

What can you do with an old roll of Kodachrome?

October 15, 2012
The last Kodachrome processing lab closed a long time ago. I had an exposed roll that had been sitting around since 1986, first in a drawer, then in the freezer. I remembered what was on it, but expected the latent image was long gone. It wasn't!