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Poems and Featured Poets by Grace Cavalieri

Grace Cavalieri has 18 books and chapbooks of poetry and 26 produced short-form and full-length plays. Her newest poetry publications in 2014 are "The Mandate of Heaven" (Bordighera Press;) and "The Man Who Got Away" (New Academia/Scarith). Grace founded and still produces “The Poet and the Poem” on public radio, celebrating 37 years on-air in 2014. It is recorded at the Library of Congress and transmitted via Pacifica Network. She holds two  Allen Ginsberg Poetry Awards (1993 & 2013), A Paterson Poetry Prize, a Pen Fiction Award, the Bordighera Award for Poetry, The CPB Silver Metal and received the Associated Writers’ Program George Garrett Award for 2013.

This month's Featured Poet presentation begins with a poem by Grace Cavalieri:

Can I Count on You

(for Ken 1930-2013)
If I were lying in a boat in a wedding gown would you see me floating by
If I named a star after you would you lie in the grass looking up
If I lived in a white house would you come sit on my front porch
If I were caught in a bad dream would you please wake me up
If I had a plaid blouse would you help me button it
If I could jitterbug would you do the double dip
If I were a red cardinal would you hold out a sunflower seed
If I caught all the fireflies in the world would you give me a big jar
If the night nurse forgets to come would you bring me a glass of water
If I had only minutes to look at the silky moon will you come get me
by Grace Cavalieri
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