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A fond remembrance of a good friend.

Juan UretaJuan Ureta


A remembrance from Juan's longtime friend and ABC co-worker.



  1. . . . That would be the prophet and religious leader, also referred to as Moishe (1391-1271 BCE), portrayed by Christian Bale in “Exodus:  Gods and Kings,” a biblical film directed by Ridley Scott.  Bale  is an Egyptian (more on this later) pharaoh, and his stepbrother (played by Joel Edgerton) is one too.  He is mostly called  Ramses but sometimes he’s referred to as Ramesses.
  2. . . . They both have nicknames.
  3. . . . POINT OF INFORMATION.  Ramses here is not to be confused with the once popular condom brand. ...
  1. . . .  There was a “Whole Lot of  Shakin’ Goin’ On “ (Jerry Lee Lewis, 1957, on Sun Records but first done by Big Maybelle  in 1955, on OKeh Records, produced by a young Quincy Jones) at the AMAs (American Music Awards) two weeks ago.
  2. . . . Back to the booty.
  3. . . . Everybody was sticking their butts out. ...
  1. What a great occupation.

  2. . . . That’s what she said in one of her campaign ads – standing in a pig sty.

  3. . . . (She was one of five Republicans campaigning for the seat held by Tom Harkin, who is retiring.)

  4. . . . She won.

  1. . . . The tightly woven braids of Mr. Nelson’s hair were apparently still in fine condition at auction time.

  2. BACKGROUND: The hairpiece, er … braids, were presented to country singer Waylon Jennings back in 1983 at a party given in his honor by Johnny Cash and his wife, June Carter, to celebrate his sobriety.

  3. . . . Willie made a donation.

  4. . . . His pigtails were cut when his hair was still red.

  1. All this health care stuff. ( 50,000 users” on the same website at the same time in the “health insurance marketplace”; “glitchy enrollment”; “capacity upgrades”; “command centers” that monitor “bug fixes” in real time . . .
  2. . . . . “Many more “users” can create new accounts and log on,” said Jeff Zients, the White House’s new economic adviser who’s heading up the repair efforts.”
  3. . . . . “In effect we widened the system’s “on-ramp.” It now has four lanes instead of one or two.”
  1. . . . That’s what Superman (Henry Cavill, aka Kal-El) does before he takes off and while he’s zooming up into the stratosphere .
  2. . . . Maybe it’s for him to physically hold on to the wires in the studio while they prop him up for a special effect to get ready for whatever CGI it may turn out to be.    
  3. . . . It reminded me of Tim Tebow when he gets down on the ground and prays.
  1. The press is . . . about three current “scandals” facing the Obama administration:  the IRS  under fire for targeting conservatives, the aftermath of the raid on Benghazi  (again) and Associated Press phone records  seized involving an al-Qaeda plot.
  2. . . . . Their mouths are watering.  They smell a rat.
  3. . . . . A friend of mine called them the “gutter” press. 
  1. President Obama said at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner over the weekend that for his second term he wanted a little burst of energy and a bit of change for his next four years.
  2. . . . So he “grew” bangs to look like wife Michelle did when she needed some change.
  3. . . . Pictures of the chief executive were Photoshopped and bangs were put on his head that they showed on big TV screens in the room (Washington Hilton Hotel).
  4. . . . He got laughs.  It was silly and funny.
  1. . . . That’s what Kim Jong-un, the “supreme” leader of North Korea, needs.
  2. . . . It almost looks like he’s got a “hi-top fade,” the hairstyle that Christopher “Kid” Reid of rap duo Kid ‘n’ Play (appeared in movie “House Party, 1990”) had on his head back in the late 80s, early 90s during the New Jack Swing era.
  3. . . . It’s white sidewalls on the bottom, shaved down to the scalp, with all of the grass on top.
  1. That’s what “Today” show co-hosts Savannah Guthrie and Natalie Morales, along with guest LaToya Jackson -- who just had been eliminated from “All-Star Celebrity Apprentice” -- learned how to do one morning last week in the “Doing It Right Today” segment of the show.
  2. . . . “Where we show you the best way to do almost anything,” Guthrie said in her introduction.
  3. . . . Their instructor was Courtenay Smith, executive editor at Reader’s Digest who, I guess, had nothing better to do.