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October 11, 2012
  1. The candidates have been Get [ting] Ready just like The Temptations did back in 1966 Joe would remember that.

  2. . . . There are 28 years between the two candidates (Biden’s gonna be 70, Ryan’s 42).  So Biden, the Baby Boomer,  is more than a generation older than his "Young Gun" -- he co-wrote a book in 2010 called ”Young Guns:  A New Generation of Conservative Leaders -- opponent.  That means that when Biden was 16 (a good high school age),  in 1958, "The Purple People Eater (Sheb Wooley on MGM Records) was Number 1

  3. . . . And when Gen Y'/'Millennial'/'Echo Boomer' Ryan was 16, “Walk Like an Egyptian” (The Bangles, 1986 on Columbia Records) reached Number 1 in December of that year.

  4. . . . Wonder if he did that funny dance around the pyramids like in the video. 

  5. . . . Ryan seems like he likes to have a good time;  he's got that young spirit.

  6. . . . Both Ryan and Biden are Catholic.  Wonder how many Hail Marys they prayed say before tonight's contest?

  7. . . . Workout pictures of Ryan surfaced today, courtesy of Time magazine.  In commemoration of tonight's festivities?  They're on the magazine's "LightBox" feature on their website headlined "Paul Ryan:  All Pumped Up for his Closeup." Were they making fun of him?  

  8. . . . He looks a bit goofy in some of the shots: looking up, smiling, his ball cap on backwards (hip-hop-ish?) on backwards, ear buds dangling down and biceps bulging. 

  9. . . . He's in shape.  He does that Tony Horton P90X extreme workout.  He’s a bit thin. Why does he have to work out?

  10. . . . Let's hope Joe doesn't look down too much while Paul's pontificating.  Obama did that while Romney was making his points and people said it didn't look good.

  11. . . . Joe's got that million dollar smile.

  12. . . . Early on things sound contentious and argumentative.  Biden's raising his voice at the moderator (ABC's Martha Raddatz).

  13. . . . Ryan keeps his eye on Biden practically the whole time while the sitting vice president talks.  He doesn't look down (as Obama did).

  14. . . . Biden:  Blue tie;  Ryan:  Red tie.  Just like Romney and Obama did in their debate.

  15. . . . Copying the boss.

  16. . . . Biden's had it "up to here" regarding that 47 per cent thing Romney was talking about.  He needs to calm down.

  17. . . . Ms. Raddatz is observing the Romney campaign's request to address their candidate as "Mr. Ryan."  It sounded a little stilted at times.

  18. . . . Tender mercy stories.  Sad sack tales.  Yeah, we know the candidates care about the working man/woman.  We don't need to be reminded of the kindness and understanding they show for the poor people.

  19. . . . In the split-screen it seems like Ryan should be on the left-hand side and Biden should be on the right. 

  20. . . . The way they're looking toward questioner Raddatz seems like each is talking off the screen.  You need to see a two-shot of them together.

  21. . . . Just forget the split and show me each candidate and the moderator when each is answering the question and a separate cutaway to see the opponent.

  22. . . . Tell the director to quit fancying it up.  Shoot it as it is and the way the home audience wants.

  23. . . . Biden calls Raddatz "Martha."  She calls him vice president. Raddatz never called them Joe or Paul

  24. . . . Joe got a kick out of Paul saying the Democrats got caught with their “hands in the cookie jar” when talking about Medicare benefits.  He chucked a couple times.

  25. . . . Biden laughingly refers to Ryan and his Republican cohorts as "these guys" when knocking down Romney's Medicare plan.  Biden talks like one of the boys.

  26. . . . They've both got those patriotic lapel pins on.

  27. . . . Ryan's wearing his wedding band;  Biden's not.  Wonder what Dr. Jill thinks.

  28. . . . Biden's getting a kick out of the ‘Young Gun.’  He's showing his seniority.

  29. . . . Boy, that Paul Ryan's certainly got a widow's peak, just like Eddie Munster.

  30. . . . Biden shows that million dollar smile a lot.  He's full'a teeth.  Are they veneers?

  31. . . . Raddatz is doing a good job of moving things along and controlling the pacing.  And she's not afraid to cut them off when she has to move things on.

  32. . . . They're heading to Afghanistan Raddatz really knows her stuff on that place. 

  33. . . . "You've been there more than the two of us combined," said Ryan to Martha in reference to the number of trips she's made to the trouble spot.

  34. . . . I'm wondering if Biden's being the "cannonball" Ryan said he expected a couple of days ago. 

  35. . . . Biden's showing his experience in talking about Afghanistan but seems a bit boastful.

  36. . . . Ryan does show deference to his elder.

  37. . . . The long shot of the set looks impressive, clean.  The stage looks quite large.  The wooden desk looks classy -- not plexiglassy like all the network anchor desks are now.

  38. . . . "What happens if Assad (Syria) doesn't fall," asked Raddatz first to Ryan.

  39. . . . Biden reacted incredulously at Ryan's solution to the Syria problem.

  40. . . . "I don't believe we have a right to tell women what to do," stated Biden on the topic of abortion.

  41. . . . Both believe life starts at conception, not contraception. Ha Ha Ha.

  42. . . . Ryan often picks up his water glass and takes a sip.  He seems to circulate it around his mouth like one does when you take a swig of mouthwash. But he didn’t gargle.

  43. . . . He seems thirsty a lot.

  44. . . . Ryan is knocking down much of what Obama promised he would do four years ago.

  45. . . . "A debt crisis is coming" (Ryan).  Gimme shelter.

  46. . . . "We're getting speeches and not leadership in this administration," says Ryan.

  47. . . . Personal character now.  What would you bring personally to the office?  Ryan:  Honesty.  Solutions. 

  48. . . . Biden:  Level the playing field for middle-class people.

  49. . . . CLOSING STATEMENTS.  Biden:  All the people are looking for is a decent shot, a level playing field.  

  50. . . . Ryan:  What kind of country are we gonna be?  Obama had his chance, his choice.  Things aren't working. 

  51. . . . Mitt Romney and I want to earn your support.

  52. . . . Thanks to both of you," said Raddatz and then she said to the camera, "I hope all of you go to the polls.

  53. . . . Yes mommy, we will.

  54. . . . ABC needs to hold back on the praise of its correspondents.  Diane Sawyer was gushing over "our own Martha Raddatz."

  55. . . . Overpraising . . . embarrassingly so.

  56. . . . After the debate when the families came on stage -- I always like that part -- Ryan's two boys sat in the chairs that daddy and Mr. Biden sat in.  One of them was slouching down in it and seemed it cute.

  57. . . . Somebody on Twitter said that Biden seemed like he swigged down a Red Bull he was so riled up during the debate.

  58. . . . Somebody also said the age difference in the candidates was very evident.

  59. . . . UH . . . "Age Ain't Nothin' But a Number" -- 100 Proof (Aged in Soul, on Hot Wax Records, 1971.


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