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Michael Jackson's Son

February 24, 2013
  1. . . . Prince Michael Jackson.  He, 16,  was on “Entertainment Tonight” all last week as an on-air correspondent, “reporting” on the new “Wizard of Oz” movie, “Oz (no comma) the Great and Powerful.”
  2. . . . (He has a special connection because his father was in another version of the film in “The Wiz,” in 1978 in which daddy played the Scarecrow.  Movie was a bomb.
  3. . . . Wonder how he got that gig. 
  4. . . . How hard did he have to work to get it?
  5. . . . He was on every night, appearing on the set with the show’s Brooke Anderson who acted as his TV mentor and who drooled over the young gentleman and his bloodline.
  6. . . . She gave him pointers on how to interview the stars, how to do his homework, how to act when sitting face-to-face with his subjects.
  7. . . . There wasn’t much substance to what he did.  It was all promo – what was coming up in the next segment.  The amount of interviewing and “reporting” was minimal.
  8. . . . On the final night of his guest shotting we finally saw him sitting down with the “men of ‘Oz the great and Powerful’” (director Sam Raimi and movie stars James Franco and Zach Braf).  
  9. . . . He barely asked them one question about the movie;  Raimi answered the sole query.  But then it was on to him.  (It was all about him.  He’s learning;  he’s young.) 
  10. . . . He wants to be a producer, director, screenwriter and actor.
  11. . . . He wants to do it all.
  12. . . . So he asked the group, “I’m 16.  Do you have any advice for someone who’s looking to get into the business?”
  13. . . . Like he, the son of Michael Jackson, would need advice or help in getting into the business, for God’s sake.
  14. . . . Anderson complimented him and said he seemed so much older and wiser than his years.
  15. . . . “My dad raised me right,” he said.
  16. . . .  NOTICED.  The movie poster for “Great and Powerful” shows one of the witches – I think it’s Rachel Weisz as “Evanora” aka the Wicked Witch of the East, standing amidst bats flying in the dark night.
  17. . . . It’s all got a blackish/greenish tint to it, like Margaret Hamilton looked in the original movie as the Wicked Witch of the West.
  18. . . . They’ve sexed it up.
  19. . . . This new witch exhibits cleavage, a cinched-in waist, a long, sharp nose and fingers looking claw-like and ready to strike.
  20.  . . . It’s not the movie of old.
  21. . . . It’s rated PG for “sequences of action and scary images and brief mild language.”
  22. Major Garrett, subbing for Bob Schieffer, looked like he was sitting at the head of a pool or craps table on the set of CBS’s “Face the Nation” today except it was blue instead of green.
  23. . . . They need to retire that old trapezoid.
  24. . . . See-thru plexiglass is in now.  Get with the program.
  25. A friend of mine said he’s spelling tv in lower-case letters now because he’s lost respect for it and  thinks it’s all gone downhill.
  26. . . . Agreed.
  28. . . . For a barista at Starbucks to ask me my name when I order a coffee?
  29. . . . They’re “personalizing” the service and writing your name on the cup so they can call it out when it’s ready.
  30. . . . It’s stupid.
  31. . . . It’s invasive.
  32. . . . Who needs it?
  33. . . . Quit creeping into my life.
  34. . . . Joan Rivers had this to say about the expectancy of Kim Kardashian, and one of her physical “assets”:  “I always thought she was pregnant and that she was just carrying it in the back.”
  36. . . . He always has his head down like he’s either praying or acting like an obedient altar boy being reverent to the judge.
  37. . . . Shy? 
  38. . . . Full of shame?
  39. . . . Humbled?
  40. GOOD FLICK:  “Side Effects.”  Well-plotted film with Jude Law as a psychiatrist and Rooney Mara (“The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo”)  as his patient.
  41. . . . He’s prescribing anti-depressants to her and something bad happens.
  42. . . . It all takes place in the world of prescription drugs and corporate money-making.
  43. . . . Catherine Zeta-Jones and Channing Tatum are in it too.
  44. . . . It reminds you of a Hitchcock movie –with lots of twists and turns and things you have to figure out.
  45. . . . Law is terrific.
  46. . . . UH . . . “Law of the Land” – The Undisputed Truth1973 on Gordy (MotownRecords.

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