Rocci Fisch

Random Thoughts

Rocci Fisch watches what's out there and has a lot to say about it. "Random Thoughts" is a quick-read, running commentary column which features his observations about the news, pop culture and the media, zested up with Rocci's unique humor.

  1. In listing the Sunday morning talk shows Mediabistro, a website featuring various blogs, job postings and news about the broadcast industry, writer Betsy Rothstein made a comment about the sexual makeup of the “roundtables” of the talkers – the pundits, the talking heads -- to see “how many females are fairing …”
  2. . . . And how many “schlongs” they’re planning to have on this week. 
  1. . . . Prince Michael Jackson.  He, 16,  was on “Entertainment Tonight” all last week as an on-air correspondent, “reporting” on the new “Wizard of Oz” movie, “Oz (no comma) the Great and Powerful.”
  2. . . . (He has a special connection because his father was in another version of the film in “The Wiz,” in 1978 in which daddy played the Scarecrow.  Movie was a bomb.
  3. . . . Wonder how he got that gig. 
  1. . . . That was her promise for the Super Bowl, in contrast to what she did at the inauguration.  I guess she fulfilled it.
  2. . . . In order to ensure standards and practices I was gonna suggest sending Brian Ross and his ABC investigative team down there to New Orleans to monitor the proceedings, to make sure she wouldn’t cheat again?
  1. . . . Christmas tree, that is.
  2. . . . Somebody told me it’s okay since Jan. 6 – today -- was the “official” end of Christmas, the Feast of the Epiphany, the Twelfth Day of Christmas.
  3. . . . So I’m not so late.  
  4. . . . “On the twelfth day of Christmas my true love gave to me . . 
  1. . . . That’s what the guy yells out when he winces/flinches while using a Q-tip to get the wax out of his ear.
  2. . . . He went in too deep.
  3. . . . Busted his ear drum?
  1. . . . Congress,  that is.  The plaintiffs came back from Christmas break to deal with the budget package so the country doesn’t fall off the cliff.
  2. . . . Now here comes the judge.  (“Here Comes the Judge” – Pigmeat Markham, 1968 on Chess Records and by Shorty Long on Soul Records, also 1968 – two separate songs.)
  3. . . . Speaker of the House John Boehner likes holding up a giant gavel that’s as big as a croquet mallet to show that he’s still in charge even though a plan he had on the docket for tax hikes was rejected by conservatives.
  1. . . . On second thought make it butterscotch, I like that better.
  2. . . . After all, who’s ever eaten figgy pudding?
  1. . . . announced a volunteer vendor in D.C. on K Street just outside the Metro hawking the newspaper “Street Sense.”
  2. . . . Boy, that’s a phrase you don’t hear much of these Internet days, when everybody reads their junk off their mobiles.  (They do have a website:
  3. . . . But it was good to hear, especially for an (aging?) baby boomer.  Brought back the glory days of yesteryear.
  1. . . . Paula Broadwell said, “I was embedded with Gen. David Petraeus in Afghanistan.”
  2. . . . Good choice of words.
  1. . . . “I’m 22.  I’m all over the place, so my record (new album“Red”)  is all over the place.”
  2. . . . An advertising blitz.
  3. . . . That’s an understatement.
  1. “This storm is a monster,” said George Stephanopoulos in one breath and in the next got right down to politics and began talking with “This Week” first guest of the morning, Stephanie Cutter, Obama’s deputy campaign manager, who appears on anything at the drop of a hat.
  2. . . . To get the message out.
  3. . . .  “George,” as ABC always affectionately refers to him, talks fast, likes to move things right along -- at breakneck speed with hardly a pause at the end of a sentence.  Barely time to take a breath.
  1. PRE-SHOW:  Katherine Schwarzenegger, along with sometime co-host Chris Jacobs, gave a preview on the debate on Entertainment Tonight, Hollywood style.  She must be a “contributor” to the show;  they’re a dime a dozen.  
  2. . . . She looks just like her mother Maria.  She’s got the looks and the dangling hair, except her tresses are dark.
  3. . . . “The debate tonight may decide the election,” she predicted.
  4. . . . Brilliant.