Rocci Fisch

Random Thoughts

Rocci Fisch watches what's out there and has a lot to say about it. "Random Thoughts" is a quick-read, running commentary column which features his observations about the news, pop culture and the media, zested up with Rocci's unique humor.

  1. . . . The Brad Pitt TV ad for Chanel #5 perfume.

  2. . . . He’s the new face of the “eau de parfum.” Gimme a Break!

  3. . . . It’s arty. Done in black and white. The lighting keeps changing dramatically, like the wind blowing in.

  1. Yeah, yeah, yeah.  Romney's gotta show he has emotions.  Haven't we learned he’s a feelin’ man over the past couple of weeks?

  2. . . . It'll be 65 degrees in the hall.  That's what the candidates agreed upon.

  3. . . . Nevertheless, “The Heat Is On” (Glenn Frey, on MCA Records, from 1985).

  1. The candidates have been Get [ting] Ready just like The Temptations did back in 1966 Joe would remember that.

  2. . . . There are 28 years between the two candidates (Biden’s gonna be 70, Ryan’s 42).  So Biden, the Baby Boomer,  is more than a generation older than his "Young Gun" -- he co-wrote a book in 2010 called ”Young Guns:  A New Generation of Conservative Leaders -- opponent.  That means that when Biden was 16 (a good high school age),  in 1958, "The Purple People Eater (Sheb Wooley on MGM Records) was Number 1

  1. . . . That’s what I’d call Mitt Romney and President Obama.

  2. . . . Romney was loaded for bear and Obama was laid back.

  3. . . . Peter Alexander “reported” on NBC Nightly News that Romney “fueled up on a peanut butter and honey’ sandwich” in preparation for the debate. That sounds gooey.

  1. . . . The 15th installment of the show kicked off Monday night on ABC8 – 10. I watched the whole thing to get reacquainted.

  2. . . . It’s old news now but Pamela [SueAnderson got voted off.

  3. . . . She didn’t seem up to snuff.

  1. . . . So said Mike Tyson on the Yahoo! Sports show “In Depth,” and before that on Conan O’Brien’s show  and also in his Broadway show (“Mike Tyson Undisputed Truth’) this past summer.
  2. . . . I guess he meant that he lost his, uh, manhood, when he saw his former wife, Robin Givens (“Head of the Class”), drive up to the house with Brad Pitt, of all people.
  1. . . . The soccer player is underwear modeling for H&M, sporting his David Beckham Bodywear briefs, longjohns and tank tops (along with his many tattoos) in print ads and on TV.

  2. . . . Half-naked.

  3. . . . In your face.

  1. . . . Of the marquee board outside New York’s Longacre Theater on opening night (last Thursday) which showed the title of the one-man play he’s directing: “Mike Tyson: Undisputed Truth,” about the heavyweight champion boxer’s up and own controversial life, which reportedly shows a softer, gentler side of the man.

  2. . . . His childhood, his drug abuse, his boxing career . . . topics, said Tyson, “difficult to relive.”

  3. . . . So why do it?

  1. . . . Jimmy Ellis , lead singer of the Trammps , a premier R&B/disco vocal/instrumental group produced by the Baker-Harris-Young team in Philadelphia , died Thursday of Alzheimer’s disease.
  2. The group, best known for “ Disco Inferno ” (“I heard somebody say . . . Burn baby down, burn the mutha down”), which was featured in the movie soundtrack, had a long list of seminal recordings, first known to dance music insiders and released on the Buddah Golden Fleece and then Atlantic record labels.
  • . . . That’s what followers (6,000) of motivational speaker Tony Robbins thought they were doing in San Jose while attending one of his “seminars” last Thursday, but they got burned.

  • . . . Twenty-one people (zombies?) who walked on hot coals, part of the “Firewalk Experience” that Robbins promotes to his followers, were treated for burn injuries.

  • . . . (“Working in the Coal Mine . . .” Lee Dorsey1966 on Amy Records)

  • . . . Their soles (souls?) were scorched.

  1. . . . Everyone’s jumping on the bandwagon with the news of her alleged departure from the Today show or, as they wish to have it called, “Today,” so that it enters the conversational lexicon as a stand-alone, like a rock star who goes by a single name, i.e., Madonna, Cher, Rihanna.

  2. . . . What a distinction.

  3. . . . She never should have been chosen to replace Meredith Vieira -- who wasn’t that good doing the job -- which is merely hosting a bunch of self-promoters and some people in the news.

  1. . . . “You won the Dee Snider weekend!” yells the heavy-metal frontman for Twisted Sister at an unsuspecting homeowner as he and his group of partiers appear at her front door, enter the house and proceed to party down, tossing buckets of Cheetos in the air, knocking over potted plants and generally wreaking havoc all over the living room rug.

  2. . . . The face-painted, red vinyl platform shoe-wearing “man of the house” appears to be a head banger too and gleefully joins in with the raucous crowd, dancing and flailing about.

  3. . . . He even body surfs and crashes to the floor but looks up and insists, “I’m good.”

  4. . . . “Nobody cleans the rock ‘n’ roll out of your carpet like Stanley Steemer,” says the announcer.