A new Photobook by Dan Murano, with poems by twelve selected poets.


Trafalgar Square in the heart of London is a gathering place for tourists, explorers, street artists, musicians, and political activists.

A mini-tour in and around the Tower of London.

Introducing Poet Trees, a collection of ecphrastic poetry written in response to photos of trees. The 66-page book includes the work of seven poets.

Photography by Dan Murano
Poetry editor: Grace Cavalieri
Poets: Ellen Carter, Grace Cavalieri, Geoffrey Himes, Emily Ferrara, Sabine Pascarelli, Maria van Beuren, Ellen Wise.

Theater Reviews by Grace Cavalieri
July 12, 2022

Genetics, Racism, Ecology, Cyberspace: CATF’s  30th year remains cutting- edge innovative theater.

The Shepherd University Festival runs from July 8-31

for more info: (800.999.catf www.catf.org)