The Road Beneath Our Feet

February 17, 2022

A new Photobook by Dan Murano, with poems by twelve selected poets.


This beautiful new 78-page photobook by Dan Murano presents the work of twelve poets in reaction his photographs from the 1970s to the present day.

Maryland Poet Laureate Grace Cavalieri contributed to this volume, as well as coordinating the work of eleven other poets.

From Grace's intro:

Dan Murano’s expressions expand our own visions. These photos wake us up as if we've been sleeping—just waiting to be shown what to see—to experience what Dan saw. The photographer captures the consciousness of a scene—and the poet speaks to its intuition, offering another dimension to sight.

These poets chose to put words to Dan Murano’s visuals, using his photos as portals we could look through—to imagine the rest. Poets move through these scenes, toward something new adding insight to this photobook. Curators might call this poetry ekphrastic: to expand meaning. I like to believe these poets expose the humanness in each frame and embrace the opportunities reflected by a camera.

Contributing poets:

Gail Bartlett
Paul Bartlett
Janice F. Booth
Ann Bracken
Grace Cavalieri
Emily Ferrara
Kevin Gordon
Geoffrey Himes
Candace Katz
Sabine Pascarelli
Maria van Beuren
Ellen Wise

Available directly from the printer in both softcover and hardcover versions.

Hardcover version - $68

Softcover version - $53