Grace Cavalieri
Grace Cavalieri
November 04, 2013


John Denver and Cass Elliott sing in concert

Before John Denver crashed his steel peg
into strands of sunshine,
and before Cass Elliott choked on a head of lettuce
her last Caribbean trip,
they sang Leaving on a Jet Plane.
She wrote it and I wondered
why it was so sad,
here she was rich and famous,
though I admit a little fat.
But before she left and he left,
and everyone I knew left,
we sang that song,  to keep fear away
and carried
records in the trunk of our car.
Trini Lopez was the rage then
and we kept Trini under cover in the trunk
so wherever we happened
to find ourselves, we could always offer up a dance.
Cass was sad. I'm sure of it. She had cause to be.
That smile was just a mask, and all the rest rehearsal.
I was there that year. I should know.


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