Grace Cavalieri
Grace Cavalieri
April 01, 2020

What the Psychic Said cover

Here is a poem from the book:

Poem in dialogue with Dan Murano’s cover photo

Credit: Poet Trees, 2019



I don’t know how I knew this –

This deepening love – subjectivity of experience –

The desolation of the prairie rabbit –

How the sky and the air can turn pink

For no reason.

We would not have seen the pink

Unless there were sun beaming down, its

Wishes closing in, guarding our treasures,

Answering the question:

How to love without fear

Just look at the ball of sun behind the tree

Now a deepening orange

Now a fanning behind the branches

Like images in God’s dream—

Did you think there was an easier access to happiness?


--Grace Cavalieri

Grace Cavalieri, with paper and pen, her imagination wanders fresh and bold, leaving us poetry for our comprehension and delight, which has a life longer than our own.  - Janice F. Booth

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