Grace Cavalieri
Grace Cavalieri
July 05, 2017

Language Lesson

It was a day much like this,
grey, with drizzle,
my mother took me visiting,
which was a big event –
She didn’t drive a car,
seldom went out.
How did we get there?
My father, perhaps, who
worked in a bank nearby.
He must have dropped us
by this large white house
with grand pillars.
I can’t imagine why
we were wanted there
but I met a boy my age.
I suppose that was it.
Get the toddlers together,
ready to learn to play.
I assessed the toys,
and took my pick,
a brand new trike, and
oh how it went,
as shiny as it looked.
My new playmate ran crying
filled with envy and
Me wants the bike.
Me wants it now.
I stopped. The wheels froze
on the rug as I looked
at my foe
ME wants the bike?”
I felt the sweet pleasure of
superiority, the first ache
of it, age three.
There would be no contest. I
could play as long as I liked.
I had him by the pronoun.
It was the happiest day of my life.

© Grace Cavalieri, all rights reserved


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