Grace Cavalieri
Grace Cavalieri
April 07, 2013

Silence, The Way It Hides The Truth

Silence, wanderer, you, with your purposeful imagery -
Nothing inflames the past as much as you do!
How many places can you lead the mind at once -
Perception?  (Oh, now you look down) - Invention?
(Now you nod) - So much you hold, to darkness,
then to bliss.
Look at this collection of poems - most expressive,
don't you think? Various patterns fused together? All
with Silence. So, how many                              
different directions do you own, replenished by words?
You surround language with sensuality as if you were alive.
You want to do us in,
your ceaseless spirit, avoiding my gaze,
taking us down the road with you.
Silence, the mother of all muses,
always the winner, in wait for us, with your cunning,
treating me to the final word.

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