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Rocci watches what's out there and has a lot to say about it. Random Thoughts and Random Tweets are quick-read, running commentaries featuring his observations about the news, pop culture and the media, zested up with Rocci's unique humor.


November 3, 2020
  1. The cables are cooking.  Daytime/Nighttime anchors are sharing the anchor desks. It’s a big day.  Give ‘em each a piece of that precious airtime.  It’s good for their resumes.
  2. Lower 1/3 on Halle Jackson’s MSNBC show, screen said:  TWO SEPTUAGENARIANS CANDIDATES EVER TO RUN FOR PRESIDENT.  That right?    (Sep=70-79 years old.)  Trump, 74;  Biden, 77. Geez, I’m old enough.  (Keep that under wraps.)
  3. That security fence not only runs around the White House, it blocks the Ellipse too, an observer fried of mine told me as he was taking a leisurely drive through the nation’s capital. 
  4. . . . Washington, D.C.’s-not only D.C.-not very pretty now.  Practically every store, bank, restaurant, pharmacy, etc., is all boarded up in case there’s violence, trouble, looting tonight.
  5. . . . Hey, let’s not let that happen.  It’ as bad as it was when the George Floyd was killed.
  6. A friend of mine, normal woman, was driving on 495, the Washington Beltway, yesterday and became surrounded by a “squad” of cars with Trump signs displayed, driving 40 mph on a highway that people usually drive 65/70 on, holding up traffic and harassing her. No surprise, she was frightened.  Then they left her and went for another poor sucker.
  7. . . . It’s a jungle out there. 
  8. I saw a Map Woman (Sandra Smith) at FOX’s Wall, going over the states and how each candidate might do. RARE SIGHT:  Most of these people are MAP MEN, i.e., John King/Phil Mattingly (CNN), Steve Kornacki (MSNBC/NBC), Tom Llamas (ABC), Bill Hemmer (FOX). I forgot some of the others.  My apologies. But these folks are all statistics but they really know a lot.
  9. . . . (Map to the Treasure-Laura Nyro, 1970 on Columbia Records, album cut). She, great.
  10. CNN has a countdown clock-right now it’s (3)58:09 til its campaign coverage starts at 4.  That early enough for ya?  It’s just another clutter bug on the screen.  God, is there a lot there:  Three lower-thirds, CNN, Election Night in America, Coverage Begins 4P ET, CNN: America’s Choice, #CNNELECTION and a headline under it, Live CNN, #CNNELECTION (again).  Then upper rights, example:  CNN at the Polls, Tallahassee, FL, 3:07 PM ET.
  11. . . . Where’s the anchor person?  Where’s the correspondent they’re talking to? I can’t see for the clutter.
  12. This morning people in Maine were standing outside in the snow and cold, waiting for the polls to open up. Mean out there.
  13. MIGHTY FIGURE:  More than 100 million votes were cast prior to today.  Guess there’s a lot of interest.
  14. FOX reported that Trump had 3,000 staffers around the battlefield states.  Lotta spies.
  15. HEARD ON RADIO: People who have the coronavirus are/will be able to vote at the polls as long as they mask up, keep distance, hand sanitize, etc. 
  16. Former presidential candidate and sometime contributor to CNN Andrew Yang said today that same-day registration exists in 20 states so “get out there and vote,” he announced. 
  17. . . . Yang, good.
  18. ANOTHER ASSEMBLAGE: The White House will have a gathering-Victory Party?) of about 250 people (was 400 on the first floor.  CNN’s Joe Johns reported that rapid covid testing will  be conducted off-sight and attendees will be given bracelets, I guess, to prove that they’re safe and legit.
  19. . . . 2 Legit 2 Quit-MC Hammer (or just Hammer), 1991, on Capitol.
  20. Biden went to church (mass, CNN’s Jeff Zeleny called it) and then went to visit the graves of his family.  Tonight, he’ll be home in Wilmington, Delaware and then stop by his election center, watching and waiting.
  21. . . . Trump will be “home” at the White House and also at his hotel, shuttling back and forth.
  22. . . . I guess you can’t keep a good man down.
  23. ELECTION ANXIETY.  That’s what many people have.  Think there’s a lot of drinking or shrink-calling going on?
  24. Don Lemon of CNN said it’s pretty hard to get an incumbent out of office.  Many would not like that statement.
  25. FOX lower-thirdConservative Groups Reportedly Preparing For Legal Fight Over Validity of Some Ballots.
  26. . . . More boarding?  Get out that lumber and grab some nails.
  27. FYI:  According to Politico there are 8 critical battlegrounds (states):  ArizonaFlorida, Georgia, Michigan, Minnesota, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. Some say 11, others say less.
  28. Trump warned against election night unrest, reported FOX’s Bret Baier.  People shouldn’t be afraid on election day. “Don’t be stupid, the president said, “We’re gonna be (police, troops, National Guard?) out in full force.”
  29. CBS’s title for their coverage: America Decides 2020: Election Night. Now that’s imaginative.
  30. Trump visited the RNC in Virginia earlier today and talked to the troops and how his campaign is doing and how the states line up. 
  31. . . . His supporters were behind him in the room.  He wasn’t masked and neither was press secretary and now adviser to the president Kayleigh McEnany who was in the background.
  32. . .. Everyone was dressed professionally in their work clothes.
  33. . . . Except for a young unmasked woman who was nodding all the time and had a red dress on, sorta low-cut and with both shoulders bare.  (It’s 61 degrees here today.)  
  34. . . . Standing next to the mysterious lady was Mark Meadows, White House chief of staff, also maskless, holding papers in his hand.
  35. . . .  Who was she?
  36. UH . . . That Lady (Previously released as Who’s That Lady)-The Isley Brothers on T-Neck (New Jersey) Records, 1973.
  37. Keep Hope Alive!           


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