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Rocci Fisch

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Murr LeBey remembers Juan Ureta

May 8, 2017
  1. There was no better vibe than Juan's.

  2. Besides being supremely funny, I can never remember finding Juan anything but charming.

  3. His vibe was always that he took me exactly as I was.

  4. He didn't want anything from me; he just was always happy to see me; appreciated my mischievousness; didn't look down on me or up to me -- just really took me as me.

  5. He made me so comfortable always and instantly.

  6. He was always completely genuine . . . No bullshit with Juan.

  7. His voice will forever stay in my head . . .

  8. . . . A voice like the soul that emitted it, very open and giving and always with an edge of humor in it.

  9. Oh, adorable, sweet Juan, the world is lesser with you having left it.

  10. . . . But you stay fixed right here in my heart with a great big grin.

  11. Much love, Murr.