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Rocci Fisch

Rocci watches what's out there and has a lot to say about it. Random Thoughts and Random Tweets are quick-read, running commentaries featuring his observations about the news, pop culture and the media, zested up with Rocci's unique humor.

Before the Sunday Talk

October 4, 2020
1. Twenty-one states had more Covid-19 cases than one week ago, an 8% increase, reports NYT today.
2. Pence/Harris VP Debate Wed. Juliette Kayyam, a National Security TV Contributor, says that if Pence is not positive (Covid) he should not do it.
3. “We have an heir and a spare“ while the president’s in the hospital, she said.
4. ... The candidates will be 12 feet apart vs Trump and Biden’s 6, reported NBC’s Garrett Haak on Sat.
5. ... Get that wide-angle lens a-working, fellas and gals.
6. Biden Town Hall Monday at 8 on NBC, with Nightly News anchor Lester Holt.
7. ... Covid took up the whole show on yesterday’s Nightly with Jose Diaz-Belart.
8. FOX news anchor Shepard Smith left, ended up at CNBC and now anchors of their nightly broadcast, The News With ...
9. ... landed on feet, yes?
10. Dionne Warwick hosts National Remembrance for those lost to Covid-19 today. Two-hundred empty seats will be displayed on the Mall. 
20. ... Man, what a picture that’ll be.
21. ... Warwick, spokeswoman, speaks well about epidemic, insisting everyone needs to follow the rules of the game and mask, distance, be responsible.
22. ... Not criticizing Trump, she says. Message for everyone.
23. UH ... “Message to Michael,” 1966 on Scepter Records ... by Miss Warwick.
24. ... “Fly away Kentucky Bluebird ... “
25. Jim Carrey parodied Biden on last night’s Saturday Night Live season premiere, funny man.
26. ... His head bobbled at the podium, ready to debate the prez, played by Alec Baldwin.
27. ... “I’m holding my bladder. Let’s get at it.”
28. ... Hilarious.
29. ... He strutted to the stage with a cane.
30. Trump Twitter Tweet-say that three times-yesterday, a video from Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.
31. ... Used to be Walter Reed Army Hospital.
32. ... Trump from office set-up, sitting at desk, no red tie, open-shirted.
33. ... Thanked world leaders, people, TV, no less.
34. ... Didn’t mask. I’m making “mask” a noun verb. That okay?
35. ... Or should I lay off the booze?
36. ... Melania okay at White House.
37. .. He said he had love and respect for the country.
37. ... Said he had to get back to “Make Amerca Great Again.”
38. ... That all? What about the other daily chores of a prez?
39. Trump no longer reads Drudge, the widely read online columnist who was known to be very pro-Trump, very conservative, for about-face, now often criticizing the prez.
40. ... “I gave up on Drudge (a really nice guy) years ago.”
42. The Patriots-Chiefs game postponed today due to quarterback Cam Newton’s positive Covid diagnosis. 
43. ... Dangerous to play due to huddles, contact.
44. ... Makes sense.
45. Biden and Harris will be in-person campaigning this week.
46. ... Trump sending out surrogates to plug Operation MAGA.
46. ... Biden said he’ll test every day on the campaign trail.
46. ... Lotta nose stick-ups.
47. ... Sean Conley, Physician to the President, briefed the press at Walter Reed yesterday.
48. ... He was flanked by nine (or ten) masked white-coated members of his team. 
49. ... What a sight.
50. ... Conley questioned repeatedly about when prez was given oxygen-before or after-coming to hospital.
51. ... “Cloudy” is what CNN morning anchor Christie Paul called information about the president’s condition that is released by the White House.
52. UH ... WANT INSPIRATION?: Listen to “Lovely Day” by The Great Bill Withers, 1977, on Sussex.
53. ... Song known for Withers’s 18- second sustained note singing “Day.”
54. ... One of the longest notes in history recorded for a pop song.
55. ... “When I look at you ... I know it’s gonna be ... A Lovely Day: https://youtu.be/bEeaS6fuUoA
56. ... Go out and make it.

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