1. . . .  There was a “Whole Lot of  Shakin’ Goin’ On “ (Jerry Lee Lewis, 1957, on Sun Records but first done by Big Maybelle  in 1955, on OKeh Records, produced by a young Quincy Jones) at the AMAs (American Music Awards) two weeks ago.
  2. . . . Back to the booty.
  3. . . . Everybody was sticking their butts out. ...
  1. In listing the Sunday morning talk shows Mediabistro, a website featuring various blogs, job postings and news about the broadcast industry, writer Betsy Rothstein made a comment about the sexual makeup of the “roundtables” of the talkers – the pundits, the talking heads -- to see “how many females are fairing …”
  2. . . . And how many “schlongs” they’re planning to have on this week.