1. . . . Jimmy Ellis , lead singer of the Trammps , a premier R&B/disco vocal/instrumental group produced by the Baker-Harris-Young team in Philadelphia , died Thursday of Alzheimer’s disease.
  2. The group, best known for “ Disco Inferno ” (“I heard somebody say . . . Burn baby down, burn the mutha down”), which was featured in the movie soundtrack, had a long list of seminal recordings, first known to dance music insiders and released on the Buddah Golden Fleece and then Atlantic record labels.
  1. JUST ASKING. Marco Rubio, the junior senator (R) from Florida . . . who died and made him king? He had an awful lot to say (on Fox News Sunday) about everything: politics, the election, Obama, the economy, voting blocks, etc.

  2. . . . Every interview somebody has with him is called an “exclusive,” a maximally overused term by the ever-intrusive media hounds.

  3. . . . Everybody’s courting him and flocking to his feet.