The cables are cooking.  Daytime/Nighttime anchors are sharing the anchor desks. It’s a big day.  Give ‘em each a piece of that precious airtime.  It’s good for their resumes.

Tired out from the election, covid, the countdown? Read a slightly different take on it all in Random Thoughts, a column by Rocci Fisch who has a little something to say about practically everything.

  1. . . . So said Mike Tyson on the Yahoo! Sports show “In Depth,” and before that on Conan O’Brien’s show  and also in his Broadway show (“Mike Tyson Undisputed Truth’) this past summer.
  2. . . . I guess he meant that he lost his, uh, manhood, when he saw his former wife, Robin Givens (“Head of the Class”), drive up to the house with Brad Pitt, of all people.