Trump en ELECTION: LOOKING EARLY, DOA (Day of Air) <span>ELECTION: LOOKING EARLY, DOA (Day of Air)</span> <div class="field field--name-field-biopic field--type-image field--label-hidden field--item"> <img src="/sites/default/files/default_images/rocci-175hx125w_0.jpg" width="125" height="175" alt="Rocci Fisch" title="Rocci Fisch" typeof="foaf:Image" class="img-responsive" /> </div> <span><span lang="" about="/user/11" typeof="schema:Person" property="schema:name" datatype="">Rocci Fisch</span></span> <span>Tue, 11/03/2020 - 17:30</span> <div class="field field--name-field-date field--type-datetime field--label-hidden field--item">2020-11-03</div> <div class="field field--name-field-main-content field--type-text-long field--label-hidden field--item"><ol> <li><strong><em>The cables</em></strong> are cooking.  Daytime/Nighttime anchors are sharing the anchor desks. It’s a big day.  Give ‘em each a piece of that precious airtime.  It’s good for their resumes.</li> <li><strong><em>Lower 1/3</em></strong> on <strong>Halle Jackson’s</strong> <strong><em>MSNBC</em> </strong>show, screen said:  <strong>TWO SEPTUAGENARIANS CANDIDATES EVER TO RUN FOR PRESIDENT</strong>.  That right?    (Sep=70-79 years old.)  Trump, 74;  Biden, 77. Geez, I’m old enough.  (Keep that under wraps.)</li> <li>That security fence not only runs around the <strong><em>White House</em></strong>, it blocks the <strong><em>Ellipse</em></strong> too, an observer fried of mine told me as he was taking a leisurely drive through the nation’s capital. </li> <li><strong>. . .</strong> <strong><em>Washington, D.C.’s</em></strong>-not only <strong>D.C.-</strong>not very pretty now.  Practically every store, bank, restaurant, pharmacy, etc., is all boarded up in case there’s violence, trouble, looting tonight.</li> <li><strong>. . .</strong> Hey, let’s not let that happen.  It’ as bad as it was when the <strong>George Floyd</strong> was killed.</li> <li>A friend of mine, normal woman, was driving on <strong><em>495</em></strong>, the <strong><em>Washington Beltway</em></strong>, yesterday and became surrounded by a “<strong><em>squad</em></strong>” of cars with <strong>Trump </strong>signs displayed, driving <strong><em>40 mph</em></strong> on a highway that people usually drive <strong><em>65/70</em></strong> on, holding up traffic and harassing her. No surprise, she was frightened.  Then they left her and went for another poor sucker.</li> <li><strong>. . .</strong> It’s a jungle out there. </li> <li>I saw a <strong><em>Map Woman</em></strong> (<strong>Sandra Smith</strong>) at <strong><em>FOX’s Wall</em></strong>, going over the states and how each candidate might do. <strong>RARE SIGHT</strong>:  Most of these people are <strong><em>MAP MEN</em></strong>, i.e., <strong>John King</strong>/<strong>Phil Mattingly</strong> (<strong><em>CNN</em></strong>), <strong>Steve Kornacki</strong> (<strong><em>MSNBC/NBC</em></strong>), <strong>Tom Llamas</strong> (<strong><em>ABC</em></strong>), <strong>Bill Hemmer</strong> <strong><em>(FOX</em></strong>). I forgot some of the others.  My apologies. But these folks are all statistics but they really know a lot.</li> <li><strong>. . .</strong> (<strong><em>Map to the Treasure</em></strong>-<strong>Laura Nyro</strong>, <strong><em>1970</em></strong> on <strong><em>Columbia Records</em></strong>, album cut). She, great.</li> <li><strong><em>CNN </em></strong>has a <strong><em>countdown clock</em></strong>-right now it’s (<strong><em>3</em></strong>)<strong><em>58:09</em></strong> til its campaign coverage starts at <strong>4</strong>.  That early enough for ya?  It’s just another clutter bug on the screen.  <strong>God</strong>, is there a lot there:  Three <strong><em>lower-thirds</em></strong>, <strong><em>CNN</em></strong>, <strong><em>Election Night in America</em></strong>, <strong><em>Coverage Begins 4P ET</em></strong>, <strong><em>CNN: America’s Choice</em></strong>, <strong><em>#CNNELECTION</em></strong> and <strong><em>a headline under it</em></strong>, <strong><em>Live CNN</em></strong>, <strong><em>#CNNELECTION</em></strong> (again).  Then upper rights, example<strong><em>:  CNN at the Polls</em></strong>, <strong><em>Tallahassee, FL</em></strong>, <strong><em>3:07 PM ET</em></strong>.</li> <li><strong>. . .</strong> Where’s the anchor person?  Where’s the correspondent they’re talking to? I can’t see for the clutter.</li> <li>This morning people in <strong><em>Maine </em></strong>were standing outside in the snow and cold, waiting for the polls to open up. Mean out there.</li> <li><strong>MIGHTY FIGURE</strong>:  More than <strong><em>100 million votes</em></strong> were cast prior to today.  Guess there’s a lot of interest.</li> <li><strong><em>FOX </em></strong>reported that <strong>Trump </strong>had <strong>3,000 staffers</strong> around the battlefield states.  Lotta spies.</li> <li><strong>HEARD ON RADIO</strong>: People who have the coronavirus are/will be able to vote at the polls as long as they mask up, keep distance, hand sanitize, etc. </li> <li>Former presidential candidate and sometime contributor to <strong><em>CNN</em></strong> <strong>Andrew Yang</strong> said today that <strong><em>same-day registration</em></strong> exists in <strong><em>20 states</em></strong> so “get out there and vote,” he announced. </li> <li>. . . <strong>Yang, </strong>good.</li> <li><strong>ANOTHER ASSEMBLAGE</strong>: The <strong><em>White House</em></strong> will have a gathering-<strong><em>Victory Party?</em></strong>) of about <strong><em>250 people</em></strong> (was <strong><em>400</em></strong> on the first floor.  <strong><em>CNN’s </em>Joe Johns</strong> reported that rapid <strong><em>covid testing</em></strong> will  be conducted off-sight and attendees will be given bracelets, I guess, to prove that they’re safe and legit.</li> <li><strong>. . .</strong> <strong><em>2 Legit 2 Quit</em></strong>-<strong>MC Hammer</strong> (or just <strong>Hammer</strong>), <strong><em>1991</em></strong>, on <strong><em>Capitol</em></strong>.</li> <li><strong>Biden</strong> went to church (mass, <strong><em>CNN’s</em></strong> <strong>Jeff Zeleny</strong> called it) and then went to visit the graves of his family.  Tonight, he’ll be home in <strong><em>Wilmington, Delaware</em></strong> and then stop by his election center, watching and waiting.</li> <li><strong>. . .</strong> <strong>Trump</strong> will be “<strong><em>home</em></strong>” at the <strong><em>White House</em></strong> and also at his hotel, shuttling back and forth.</li> <li><strong>. . .</strong> I guess you can’t keep a good man down.</li> <li><strong>ELECTION ANXIETY</strong>.  That’s what many people have.  Think there’s a lot of drinking or shrink-calling going on?</li> <li><strong>Don Lemon</strong> of <strong><em>CNN</em></strong> said it’s pretty hard to get an incumbent out of office.  Many would not like that statement.</li> <li><strong><em>FOX lower-third</em></strong>:  <strong>Conservative Groups Reportedly Preparing For Legal Fight Over Validity of Some Ballots</strong>.</li> <li><strong>. . .</strong> More <strong><em>boarding</em></strong>?  Get out that lumber and grab some nails.</li> <li><strong>FYI:</strong>  According to <strong><em>Politico</em></strong> there are <strong><em>8 critical battlegrounds</em></strong> (states):  <strong><em>Arizona</em></strong>,  <strong><em>Florida</em></strong>, <strong><em>Georgia</em></strong>, <strong><em>Michigan</em></strong>, <strong><em>Minnesota</em></strong>, <strong><em>North Carolina</em></strong>, <strong><em>Pennsylvania </em></strong>and <strong><em>Wisconsin</em></strong>. Some say <strong><em>11</em></strong>, others say less.</li> <li><strong>Trump</strong> warned against <strong><em>election night unrest</em></strong>, reported <strong><em>FOX’s</em></strong> <strong>Bret Baier</strong>.  People shouldn’t be afraid on election day. “Don’t be stupid, <strong>the president</strong> said, “We’re gonna be (police, troops, <strong><em>National Guard</em></strong>?) out in full force.”</li> <li><strong><em>CBS’s</em></strong> title for their coverage: <strong><em>America Decides 2020: Election Night</em></strong>. Now that’s imaginative.</li> <li><strong>Trump </strong>visited the <strong><em>RNC</em></strong> in <strong><em>Virginia</em></strong> earlier today and talked to the troops and how his campaign is doing and how the states line up. </li> <li><strong>. . .</strong> His supporters were behind him in the room.  He wasn’t masked and neither was press secretary and now adviser to the president <strong>Kayleigh McEnany</strong> who was in the background.</li> <li><strong>. ..</strong> Everyone was dressed professionally in their work clothes.</li> <li><strong>. . .</strong> Except for a young unmasked woman who was nodding all the time and had a <strong><em>red dress</em></strong> on, sorta <strong><em>low-cut</em></strong> and with both <strong><em>shoulders bare</em></strong>.  (It’s <strong><em>61 degrees</em></strong> here today.)  </li> <li><strong>. . .</strong> Standing next to the mysterious lady was <strong>Mark Meadows</strong>, <strong><em>White House chief of staff</em></strong>, also <strong><em>maskless</em></strong>, holding papers in his hand.</li> <li><strong>. . .</strong>  Who was she?</li> <li><strong>UH . . .</strong> <strong><em>That Lady</em></strong> (Previously released as <strong><em>Who’s That Lady</em></strong>)-<strong>The Isley Brothers</strong> on <strong><em>T-Neck</em></strong> (<strong><em>New Jersey)</em></strong> <strong><em>Records</em></strong>, <strong><em>1973</em></strong>.</li> <li>Keep Hope Alive!           </li> </ol></div> <div class="field field--name-field-tags field--type-entity-reference field--label-hidden field--items"> <div class="field--item"><a href="/taxonomy/term/996" hreflang="en">Election</a></div> <div class="field--item"><a href="/taxonomy/term/1005" hreflang="en">Halle Jackson’</a></div> <div class="field--item"><a href="/taxonomy/term/1006" hreflang="en">CNN</a></div> <div class="field--item"><a href="/taxonomy/term/1003" hreflang="en">FOX</a></div> <div class="field--item"><a href="/taxonomy/term/1001" hreflang="en">Covid</a></div> <div class="field--item"><a href="/taxonomy/term/413" hreflang="en">Trump</a></div> <div class="field--item"><a href="/taxonomy/term/998" hreflang="en">Biden</a></div> <div class="field--item"><a href="/taxonomy/term/196" hreflang="en">Don Lemon</a></div> <div class="field--item"><a href="/taxonomy/term/1007" hreflang="en">Voting</a></div> <div class="field--item"><a href="/taxonomy/term/1008" hreflang="en">CBS</a></div> <div class="field--item"><a href="/taxonomy/term/1009" hreflang="en">Kayleigh McEnany</a></div> </div> <div class="field field--name-field-random-logo field--type-image field--label-above"> <div class="field--label">Random Logo</div> <div class="field--item"> <a href="/randomthoughts/election-looking-early-doa-day-air" hreflang="en"><img src="/sites/default/files/default_images/ROCCI-Random-nuheader.gif" width="540" height="99" alt="Random Logo" typeof="foaf:Image" class="img-responsive" /> </a> </div> </div> <section class="field field--name-comment field--type-comment field--label-above comment-wrapper"> <h2 class="title">Comments</h2> <div class="comment comment--type-comment comment--view-mode-default ds-1col clearfix"> <div property="schema:text" class="field field--name-comment-body field--type-text-long field--label-hidden field--item"><p>Hi Rocci and Dan, Ciao, Nice website. FOXNews is mostly propaganda, so best to feature CNN and MSNBC, but best of all is non-profit <a href=""></a> or <a href="http://www.Politico">www.Politico</a> online. Daniela Gioseffi is the first woman with an Italian name to be widely published in the mainstream of American poetry, though she started her career as a T.V. journalist in Selma, AL. promoting Freedom Riders. Please send this to Dan. Daniela&#039;s been a Progressive activist for human rights, civil rights, climate justice, etc. all of her life. You can write her at danaielag333 (at) and view some of her 18 books at <a href=""></a> and <a href=""></a> She edited the online anthology <a href=""></a> of great poets. I hope you feel it&#039;s good to meet and greet. I like that Venetian name of yours, Dan Murano! Perhaps, you&#039;d like to feature her as a poet, but in any case, nice to know you. The Grace Cavalieri book is great and your cover photo beautiful. Daniela and Grace have been poet friends for years. Grace&#039;s podcast with at LIBRARY OF CONGRESS <a href="">…</a></p> </div> <div class="field field--name-comment-changed-date field--type-ds field--label-hidden field--item">Sun, 08/29/2021 - 10:08</div> </div> <h2 class="title comment-form__title">Add new comment</h2> <drupal-render-placeholder callback="comment.lazy_builders:renderForm" arguments="0=node&amp;1=206&amp;2=comment&amp;3=comment" token="gj_MJlDiaHUOAqN-wlgZj2IAR6pu9Ra3aZO9nUKszuE"></drupal-render-placeholder> </section> Tue, 03 Nov 2020 22:30:43 +0000 Rocci Fisch 206 at Trail Mix <span>Trail Mix</span> <div class="field field--name-field-biopic field--type-image field--label-hidden field--item"> <img src="/sites/default/files/default_images/rocci-175hx125w_0.jpg" width="125" height="175" alt="Rocci Fisch" title="Rocci Fisch" typeof="foaf:Image" class="img-responsive" /> </div> <span><span lang="" about="/user/11" typeof="schema:Person" property="schema:name" datatype="">Rocci Fisch</span></span> <span>Sun, 11/01/2020 - 18:05</span> <div class="field field--name-field-date field--type-datetime field--label-hidden field--item">2020-11-01</div> <div class="field field--name-field-main-content field--type-text-long field--label-hidden field--item"><p><span><span><strong>Friday/Saturday, October 30/31, 2020</strong></span></span></p> <ol> <li><span><span><span>“<strong><em>Covid </em></strong>deaths are <strong><em>almost nothing</em></strong>,”said <strong>Donald Trump, Jr.</strong> on <strong><em>The Laura Ingraham Show</em></strong> on <strong><em>FOX</em></strong>.</span></span></span></li> <li><span><span><span><strong>. . .</strong> There were <strong><em>99,000</em></strong> cases reported in the <em>U.S.</em> on <strong><em>Thursday</em></strong>.</span></span></span></li> <li><span><span><span><strong>. . .</strong> That’s almost nothing?  What about science?</span></span></span></li> <li><span><span><span><strong>. . . Ingraham</strong> seemed a bit surprised, doubtful about what <strong>Jr. Boy</strong> said.</span></span></span></li> <li><span><span><span><strong>. . . </strong>Later, <strong>Laura</strong> appeared at one of his rallies and wore a mask and <strong>Trump</strong> called her out for wearing such a thing.  “She’s politically  correct, uh huh.”  </span></span></span></li> <li><span><span><span><strong>WONDERING:</strong>  Does the <strong><em>White House</em></strong> have its own digital counter?</span></span></span></li> <li><span><span><span><strong>President Trump</strong> will be shuttling between his home at the <strong><em>White House</em></strong>-the peoples’ house-on election night, and his hotel.  There are numbers restrictions at the hotel-which doesn’t please the president-so they’ll go back and  forth, I guess.  </span></span></span></li> <li><span><span><span><strong>. . .Uber</strong>?</span></span></span></li> <li><span><span><span>“We’re gonna win with a record win, <strong>Biden</strong> exclaimed.  “Who’s gonna vote on Tuesday?” The mostly maskless crowd yelled, “Four more years, four more years!”</span></span></span></li> <li><span><span><span><strong>Donna Brazile</strong>, former interim chair of the <strong><em>DNC</em></strong>, said on <strong>Dana Perino’s</strong> show on <strong><em>FOX </em></strong>in reference to a question about the <strong><em>Republicans</em></strong>, said, “I don’t see any <strong><em>Democrats </em></strong>doing any bedwetting.”</span></span></span></li> <li><span><span><span><strong>. . .</strong> Go ahead <strong>Donna</strong>, bring it down to basics.</span></span></span></li> <li><span><span><span><strong>GOOD INFO:</strong>  <strong>On Katy Tur’s</strong> <strong><em>MSNBC</em></strong> show. The mail’s gonna take more than three days to get those ballots in. Don’t depend on it. </span></span></span></li> <li><span><span><span><strong>. . .</strong> <strong><em>Fuhgeddaboudit</em></strong>.</span></span></span></li> <li><span><span><span><strong>. . .</strong> Drop it in a <strong><em>Ballot Drop Box</em></strong> or personally take it to the polls.</span></span></span></li> <li><span><span><span><strong>Biden</strong> was in <strong><em>Des Moines</em></strong> with <strong><em>his Soul of the Nation</em></strong> background placard,  plugging local candidates effluviently, as horns were honking at his <strong><em>Drive-In Rally</em></strong>.</span></span></span></li> <li><span><span><span><strong>. . .</strong> Only four days left.  </span></span></span></li> <li><span><span><span><strong>Biden </strong>said <strong>Trump</strong> didn’t want to scare the <strong><em>American public</em></strong> when he revealed that he knew about the <strong><em>covid virus</em></strong> back in <strong><em>February</em></strong>.  He didn’t want them to panic.</span></span></span></li> <li><span><span><span>. . . “He panics,” <strong>Biden</strong> yelled.</span></span></span></li> <li><span><span><span><strong>BIDEN</strong>: “We will not surrender to the virus.  I’m not gonna shut down the economy;  I’m  gonna shut down the virus.”</span></span></span></li> <li><span><span><span><strong>. . .</strong> “Right on,” as  <strong>Barry White</strong> would say.</span></span></span></li> <li><span><span><span>“Honk if you agree with me,” said the <strong><em>Ray-Ban</em></strong> <strong><em>Aviator</em></strong><em> <strong>Sunglasses</strong></em> wearer. (He’s been wearing the <strong><em>cool shades</em></strong>  since his college days )</span></span></span></li> <li><span><span><span>Some authority-excuse me, I can’t remember everything or everybody-said the pandemic may turn into <strong><em>a Twindemic</em></strong>, <strong><em>a combo covid and flu</em></strong> together. Won’t that be great?</span></span></span></li> <li><span><span><span>A thousand people died in the U.S. on Thursday.</span></span></span></li> <li><span><span><span><strong><em>Trick or Treat</em></strong> will not be the same this year, too risky.  Other activities are being planned for the kids. (What about me?) <strong>Nick Watt</strong> of <strong><em>CNN</em></strong> said it’s been banned in <strong><em>Beverly Hills</em></strong>.</span></span></span></li> <li><span><span><span><strong>. . .</strong> <strong>Fauci</strong> says it’s  sort of okay as long as a mask is worn over the mask.</span></span></span></li> <li><span><span><span><strong>UPCOMING:</strong>  Later on the trail, <strong>Obama</strong> and <strong>Stevie Wonder</strong> will join <strong>Biden</strong>.</span></span></span></li> <li><span><span><span><strong>. . .</strong> Wonder if <strong>Wonder</strong> might sing “<strong>You Met Your Match</strong>” (<strong><em>1968 </em>on Tamla Records</strong>) <strong>to Sir Donald</strong>.  </span></span></span></li> <li><span><span><span>There’s <strong>a Biden-Harris</strong> jacket, t-shirt, sweatshirt, hoodie, tank top and other marketables that say “<strong><em>No Malarkey</em></strong>” for the challenging duos’ campaign. One has the pair both wearing the former VP’s iconic sunglasses. (Hate using that word, “<strong><em>iconic</em></strong>.” Any other suggestions?)</span></span></span></li> <li><span><span><span><strong><em>90,000 cases</em></strong> reported <strong><em>Thursday</em></strong> = A new infection every second. Grab that statistic and run with it.</span></span></span></li> <li><span><span><span><strong>. . .</strong> Run away.  But there’s “<strong><em>Nowhere to Run</em></strong>” (<strong>Martha &amp; The Vandellas</strong>. <strong><em>1965</em></strong> on <strong><em>Gordy</em></strong>.  “<strong><em>It’s Whats in the Grooves That Count</em></strong>.”   </span></span></span></li> <li><span><span><span>There’s a massive exodus from <strong><em>Paris</em></strong>, a race to flee the city ahead of <strong><em>the shutdown</em></strong>.  You think we have traffic here.</span></span></span></li> <li><span><span><span><strong>FYI:</strong>  <strong>Actress Lori Loughlin</strong> started her prison sentence (for paying money to get her daughters into college” As she rushedly walked ahead of the cameras, a young woman in the crowd shouted  at <strong>Ms. Loughlin</strong>, “<strong>Lori, Lori</strong>, pay for my admission, <strong>Lori, Lori</strong>.”</span></span></span></li> <li><span><span><span><strong>. . . </strong>Is she broke now?  Is  her career over?  How long in the brig?</span></span></span></li> <li><span><span><span><strong>DON’T CLICK!</strong> It’s been reported that <strong><em>Iran </em></strong>is collecting voter data from <strong><em>Democratic accounts</em></strong> by way of emails that look legitimate but with bad links (phishing).</span></span></span></li> <li><span><span><span><strong>ADVICE:</strong> If you vote at a polling center, bring a pen to hit your screen choice.  People are urged to do this in order not to infect the booth.</span></span></span></li> <li><span><span><span><strong>. . .</strong> <strong>Jesus</strong>, you have to be careful with everything.</span></span></span></li> <li><span><span><span><strong>NOTICED:</strong>  In my neighborhood last night they were boarding up the outside windows and door of the<strong><em> CVS</em></strong>.  I asked if the store was closing and was told it was in case of violent protests, rioting, looting when the election results are determined.  </span></span></span></li> <li><span><span><span><strong>. . .</strong> Loot this!</span></span></span></li> <li><span><span><span>FAKE NEWS?  Doctors get paid more money for treating <strong><em>covid cases</em></strong>. (“<strong><em>What a Fool Believes</em></strong>”—<strong>The Doobie Brothers</strong>, <strong><em>1979 </em></strong> on <strong><em>Warner Bros.</em></strong>)</span></span></span></li> <li><span><span><span><strong>Trump</strong> has four rallies in <strong><em>Pennsylvania</em></strong> (<strong><em>20 electoral votes</em></strong>) today and <strong>Biden’s</strong> got four <strong><em>Drive-Ins</em></strong> with Obama, in <strong><em>Michigan</em></strong>.</span></span></span></li> <li><span><span><span>Making so many appearances on the trail is cheaper than <strong><em>TV ad time</em></strong>, believes the cash-strapped president.</span></span></span></li> <li><span><span><span>The frost killed the flowers in <strong><em>MSNBC’s</em> </strong>meteorologist <strong>Bill Karin’s</strong> backyard overnight.  He subbed this morning on <strong><em>Weekend Today</em></strong> for <strong>Dylan Dreyer</strong> so maybe with the upgrade he’ll be able to get a greenhouse or something.</span></span></span></li> <li><span><span><span>There’s a rare full moon tonight, the second full moon in a single month and it’s called a <strong><em>Blue Moon</em></strong>. (“<strong><em>Blue Moon</em></strong>”-<strong>The Marcels</strong> on <strong><em>Colpix</em></strong>, <strong><em>1961</em></strong>).  Originally a hit in <strong><em>1934 </em></strong>for <strong>Billy Eckstine</strong> and <strong>Mel Torme</strong> (Individually).</span></span></span></li> <li><span><span><span>Safety tonight.</span></span></span></li> <li><span><span><span>Stay cool, peaceful on election night.</span></span></span></li> <li><span><span><span><strong>UH . . . </strong>“<strong><em>Daddy Cool</em></strong>”-<strong>The Rays</strong>, <strong><em>1957</em></strong> on <strong><em>Cameo Records</em></strong>.  Flipside of the megahit, “<strong><em>Silhouettes</em></strong>”.</span></span></span></li> </ol></div> <div class="field field--name-field-tags field--type-entity-reference field--label-hidden field--items"> <div class="field--item"><a href="/taxonomy/term/995" hreflang="en">Campaign2020</a></div> <div class="field--item"><a href="/taxonomy/term/996" hreflang="en">Election</a></div> <div class="field--item"><a href="/taxonomy/term/997" hreflang="en">Election2020</a></div> <div class="field--item"><a href="/taxonomy/term/413" hreflang="en">Trump</a></div> <div class="field--item"><a href="/taxonomy/term/998" hreflang="en">Biden</a></div> <div class="field--item"><a href="/taxonomy/term/999" hreflang="en">Vote</a></div> <div class="field--item"><a href="/taxonomy/term/184" hreflang="en">Obama</a></div> <div class="field--item"><a href="/taxonomy/term/1000" hreflang="en">Steie Wonder</a></div> <div class="field--item"><a href="/taxonomy/term/1001" hreflang="en">Covid</a></div> <div class="field--item"><a href="/taxonomy/term/1002" hreflang="en">Fauci</a></div> <div class="field--item"><a href="/taxonomy/term/1003" hreflang="en">FOX</a></div> <div class="field--item"><a href="/taxonomy/term/1004" hreflang="en">Laura Ingraham</a></div> </div> <div class="field field--name-field-random-logo field--type-image field--label-above"> <div class="field--label">Random Logo</div> <div class="field--item"> <a href="/randomthoughts/trail-mix" hreflang="en"><img src="/sites/default/files/default_images/ROCCI-Random-nuheader.gif" width="540" height="99" alt="Random Logo" typeof="foaf:Image" class="img-responsive" /> </a> </div> </div> <section class="field field--name-comment field--type-comment field--label-above comment-wrapper"> <h2 class="title comment-form__title">Add new comment</h2> <drupal-render-placeholder callback="comment.lazy_builders:renderForm" arguments="0=node&amp;1=205&amp;2=comment&amp;3=comment" token="tFMXoK8exiR0h7YBDnPicFEZo7xfQyy2xk5zrjAp8C4"></drupal-render-placeholder> </section> Sun, 01 Nov 2020 23:05:47 +0000 Rocci Fisch 205 at “I Went From a Hard Stallion to a Wet Noodle.” <span>“I Went From a Hard Stallion to a Wet Noodle.”</span> <div class="field field--name-field-biopic field--type-image field--label-hidden field--item"> <img src="/sites/default/files/default_images/rocci-175hx125w_0.jpg" width="125" height="175" alt="Rocci Fisch" title="Rocci Fisch" typeof="foaf:Image" class="img-responsive" /> </div> <span><span lang="" about="/user/11" typeof="schema:Person" property="schema:name" datatype="">Rocci Fisch</span></span> <span>Wed, 09/12/2012 - 21:00</span> <div class="field field--name-field-date field--type-datetime field--label-hidden field--item">2012-09-12</div> <div class="field field--name-field-main-content field--type-text-long field--label-hidden field--item"><ol> <li><strong>. . .</strong><span> </span>So said<span> </span><strong>Mike Tyson</strong><span> </span>on the<span> </span><strong><em>Yahoo! Sports</em></strong><span> </span>show “<strong><em>In Depth</em></strong>,” and before that on<span> </span><strong>Conan O’Brien’s</strong><span> </span>show  and also in his<span> </span><strong><em>Broadway<span> </span></em></strong>show (“<strong><em>Mike Tyson</em></strong>: <span> </span><strong><em>Undisputed Truth’</em></strong>) this past summer.</li> <li><strong>. . .</strong><span> </span>I guess he meant that he lost his, uh, manhood, when he saw his former wife,<span> </span><strong>Robin Givens<span> </span></strong>(“<strong><em>Head of the Class</em></strong>”), drive up to the house with<span> </span><strong>Brad Pitt</strong>, of all people.</li> <li><strong>. . .</strong><span> </span>This happened in the late<span> </span><strong><em>80s</em></strong>, before<span> </span><strong>Pitt</strong><span> </span>was a big  star.</li> <li><strong>. . .</strong><span> </span><strong>Tyson<span> </span></strong>said that despite he and<span> </span><strong>Givens</strong><span> </span>getting a divorce after being married for just a year (<strong><em>’88-’89</em></strong>)  they still had sexual relations.</li> <li><strong>. . .</strong><span> </span>I guess he wasn’t beating  her up then.</li> <li><strong>. . .</strong><span> </span><strong>Tyson</strong><span> </span>said that he was going over to the house for a “<strong><em>quickie</em></strong>.”</li> <li><strong>. . .</strong><span> </span>“You should have saw his (<strong>Pitt’s</strong>) face when he saw me,” said the retired boxer.</li> <li><strong>. . .</strong><span> </span>“I was just emotionally comatose and “went from a hard stallion to a wet noodle.”</li> <li><strong>. . .</strong><span> </span>Classy.</li> <li><strong>NEW TO ME.</strong> <span> </span><strong><em>Tempur-Pedic</em></strong><span> </span>makes a memory foam<span> </span><strong><em>dog bed</em></strong>. </li> <li> <strong>. . .</strong><span> </span>One’s called a “<strong><em>Deep Dish</em></strong>” and another’s called a “<strong><em>Dream Lounger</em></strong>.”</li> <li><strong>. . .</strong><span> </span>“They provide your dog with “comfortable sleep” and are “engineered specifically for dogs to cushion their joints as they sleep.</li> <li><strong>. . .</strong><span> </span>A dog’s life.</li> <li><strong>“HITCHCOCK”</strong><span> </span>-- the movie about the moviemaker. </li> <li><strong>. . .</strong><span> </span>It’s about the relationship he had with his wife (<strong>Alma</strong>, played by<span> </span><strong>Helen Mirren</strong>) and the making of  his thriller “<strong><em>Psycho</em></strong>.”</li> <li><strong>. . .</strong><span> </span><strong>Anthony Hopkins</strong><span> </span>plays the director in a prosthetic fat suit and complimentary makeup to make him portly.</li> <li><strong>. . .</strong><span> </span>He adapts his speech to match the real<span> </span><strong>Hitchcock</strong>.  It’s overdone.</li> <li><strong>. . .</strong><span> </span><strong>Scarlett Johansson</strong><span> </span>stars as<span> </span><strong>Janet Leigh</strong>, the real-life actress who played in the movie’s famous shower scene.</li> <li><strong>. . .</strong><span> </span><strong>Jessica Biel’s</strong><span> </span>in it too as one of his movie actresses.  She plays<span> </span><strong>Vera Miles</strong>.</li> <li><strong>. . .</strong><span> </span><strong>Hopkins’s</strong><span> </span>portrayal (heavy and slow<span> </span><strong><em>British</em></strong><span> </span>accent)  is a bit overexaggerated.  His affectations wore on me.</li> <li><strong>. . .</strong><span> </span>The movie goes into his obsession with the blonde women he often cast who played major characters in his films.</li> <li><strong>. . .</strong><span> </span>Movie’s just okay.</li> <li><strong>. . .</strong><span> </span>By the way,<span> </span><strong><em>The New York Times</em></strong><span> </span>reports that “<strong><em>Psycho</em></strong>” is being revisited in an<span> </span><strong><em>A&amp;E</em></strong><span> </span>series called “<strong><em>Bates Motel</em></strong>,” for which the cable network is conducting a contest for someone to come up with a<span> </span><strong><em>15-second title sequence</em></strong><span> </span>that captures the feel of the motel.</li> <li><strong>. . .</strong><span> </span>They don’t want it to be slasher/horror-like but rather as a “character-driven thriller.”</li> <li>Last night in a restaurant in<span> </span><strong><em>D.C.</em></strong><span> </span>I saw a woman who had lights on both ends of her reading glasses which she seemed to be using to read the menu.  (She was with a noisy crowd.)</li> <li><strong>. . .</strong><span> </span>Floodlights.</li> <li><strong>. . .</strong><span> </span>I thought the beams were some sort of<span> </span><strong><em>Christmas<span> </span></em></strong>decoration.</li> <li><strong>. . .</strong><span> </span>I hope that doesn’t happen to me although I’m on my way to it.</li> <li><strong>. . .</strong><span> </span><strong>Barbra Streisand’s</strong><span> </span>son,<span> </span><strong>Jason Gould</strong><span> </span>(father,<span> </span><strong>Elliott</strong>) has an<span> </span><strong><em>EP</em></strong><span> </span>(old term: extended play record (<strong><em>CD</em></strong>) that has just a few cuts) out and he sounds very much like mommy.  Uncanny.  Creepy, a friend of mine said.</li> <li><strong>. . .</strong><span> </span>You can hear every breath he takes in his songs and it sounds a bit affected.</li> <li><strong>. . .</strong><span> </span>He’s got a good voice but his delivery is often sad, drawn out, melancholy.</li> <li>. . . Suffering in love.</li> <li><strong>. . .</strong><span> </span>Hopeless romantic.</li> <li><strong>SKINNY EVERYTHING.</strong>  I don’t care how narrow they make lapels and tight-fitting suits and pants these days, they’re uncomfortable and make the wearer look like he’s stuffed in.</li> <li><strong>. . .</strong><span> </span>Overly tightly tailored is some designer’s idea of hipness?  Where do they get these people?</li> <li><strong>. . .</strong><span> </span>And they’ve done it with jeans that you can hardly put your feet and legs through.</li> <li><strong>. . .</strong><span> </span>And they fit “<strong><em>just below the waist</em></strong>,” which is unnatural for male clientele.</li> <li><strong>. . .</strong><span> </span>This drops the fit on the<strong><em><span> </span>tuchus</em></strong>, causing the wearer to constantly pull them up, like hop-hoppers do.  </li> <li><strong>. . .</strong><span> </span>It’s hard to find a pair of jeans that fit the old-fashioned way anymore, with the waist<span> </span><strong><em>at</em></strong><span> </span>the waist, the way it’s supposed to be.</li> <li><strong>. . .</strong><span> </span>Forces dislikers to shop at dowdy stores.</li> <li><strong>AGAIN.</strong>  The<span> </span><strong><em>White House Christmas</em></strong><span> </span><strong><em>tree</em></strong><span> </span>on the<span> </span><strong><em>Ellipse</em></strong><span> </span>looks like an<span> </span><strong><em>Isosceles triangle</em></strong><span> </span>(pyramid?)  with a blanket thrown over it. </li> <li><strong>. . .</strong><span> </span>The sides are straight down and you can’t see the natural branches sticking out, like the way a tree really looks.</li> <li><strong>. . .</strong><span> </span>The<span> </span><strong><em>Capitol Hill</em></strong><span> </span>tree is much the same, looking like the trees they make for model train setups.</li> <li><strong>. . .</strong><span> </span>Somebody tell<span> </span><strong><em>Washington</em></strong><span> </span>to quit making things look so perfect.  Mess it up a little.</li> <li><strong>. . .</strong><span> </span><strong><em>Anti-virus</em></strong><span> </span>software founder<span> </span><strong>John McAfee</strong>, who is wanted for suspected murder in<span> </span><strong><em>Belize</em></strong>, has been in<span> </span><strong><em>Guatemala<span> </span></em></strong>seeking political asylum and fears for his life if he has to go back to<strong><em><span> </span>Belize</em></strong><span> </span>(formerly<span> </span><strong><em>British Honduras</em></strong>.</li> <li><strong>. . .</strong><span> </span>He complained of chest pains and was transferred from a detention center to a hospital in an ambulance on a<span> </span><strong><em>gurney</em></strong>.</li> <li><strong>. . .</strong><span> </span>He looked like<span> </span><strong>Stalin<span> </span></strong>resting in his coffin.</li> <li> <strong><em>ABC’s</em></strong><span> </span><strong>Robin Roberts</strong>, at home recovering from a bone marrow transplant, was visited by her fellow hosts of<span> </span><strong><em>GMA</em></strong><span> </span>at her apartment in<span> </span><strong><em>New York</em></strong><span> </span>last week and served her mother’s famous<span> </span><strong><em>Christmas punch</em></strong>.</li> <li><strong>. . .</strong><span> </span>Lime sherbert and ginger ale.  Sounds good.</li> <li><strong>. . .</strong><span> </span>They all danced “<strong><em>Gangnam Style</em></strong>,”  hopping around horsey-style in the living room.</li> <li>There was a va-va voom picture of<span> </span><strong><em>NBC<span> </span></em></strong>anchor<span> </span><strong>Brian Williams’s</strong><span> </span>daughter (<strong>Allison</strong>) in the<span> </span><strong><em>New York Post</em></strong><span> </span>this past week.</li> <li><strong>. . .</strong><span> </span>She’s the actress on<span> </span><strong><em>HBO’s</em></strong><span> </span>“<strong><em>Girls</em></strong>” show.</li> <li><strong>. . .</strong><span> </span>In a low-cut black (bra?) top with a coat dropping down from her bare shoulders, and a sexy stare.</li> <li><strong>. . .</strong><span> </span>I guess she’s not following in daddy’s footsteps to a career in the news.</li> <li>It seemed like they took forever to have<span> </span><strong>Obama<span> </span></strong>advisor<span> </span><strong>David Axelrod’s</strong><span> </span>mustache shaved off.  He’s had it for<span> </span><strong><em>40<span> </span></em></strong>some odd years.</li> <li><strong>. . .</strong><span> </span>He said the shaving was like an archaeological dig it was so old.</li> <li><strong>. . .</strong><span> </span>It was done for epilepsy research  (his daughter has it).</li> <li><strong>. . .</strong><span> </span>The occasion was televised on the set of<span> </span><strong><em>MSNBC’s</em></strong><span> </span>“<strong><em>Morning Joe</em></strong>” program.</li> <li><strong>. . .</strong><span> </span>The<span> </span><strong><em>Barber of Seville<span> </span></em></strong>first trimmed own the ‘<strong><em>stache<span> </span></em></strong>with an electric clipper and then scrape, scraped, scraped it off endlessly with a straight razor, ouch – not even dipping the razor in water each time he shaved a section, must’ve hurt.</li> <li><strong>. . .</strong><span> </span>And he didn’t even put a towel under  <strong>Axelrod’s<span> </span></strong>chin to do it.</li> <li><strong>. . .</strong><span> </span>In the end he looked younger.</li> <li><strong>. . .</strong><span> </span>Back to<span> </span><strong>Jessica Biel<span> </span></strong>(of the “<strong><em>Hitchcock</em></strong>” movie).  She was quoted, saying of her marriage to<span> </span><strong>Justin Timberlake</strong>:   “It (marriage) feels like you have this partner who is going to be with you and also change light bulbs and do the dishes …”</li> <li><strong>. . .</strong><span> </span>Oh yeah?<span> </span><strong>Justin’s<span> </span></strong>gonna do that?</li> <li><strong>. . .</strong><span> </span>Modern marriage?</li> <li><strong>JUST WONDERING.</strong>  If<span> </span><strong>Katie Couric</strong><span> </span>is upset because her executive producer,<span> </span><strong>Jeff Zucker</strong>, is leaving her daytime show – “<strong><em>Katie</em></strong>” -- to become president of<span> </span><strong><em>CNN Worldwide</em></strong>.</li> <li><strong>. . .</strong><span> </span>The show’s only been on since<span> </span><strong><em>September</em></strong>.</li> <li><strong>. . .</strong><span> </span><strong>Zucker<span> </span></strong>admitted  that he’d been talking with<span> </span><strong><em>CNN<span> </span></em></strong>since just after<span> </span><strong><em>Labor Day</em></strong>.</li> <li><strong>. . .</strong><span> </span>Keeping a secret?</li> <li><strong>. . .</strong><span> </span>I guess he was juggling two balls with one hand.</li> <li><strong>. . .</strong><span> </span>Where’d loyalty go?</li> <li><strong>JUST LISTEN.</strong><span> </span><strong>Rep. Bob Corker</strong><span> </span>(<strong><em>R-Tenn.</em></strong>) sounds like<span> </span><strong>Dana Carvey</strong>, formerly of “<strong><em>Saturday Night Live</em></strong>.”</li> <li><strong>. . .</strong><span> </span>The one who did the impression of<span> </span><strong>President Bush</strong><span> </span>(<strong>George H.W.</strong>) and used to say, “Not gonna do it.  Wouldn’t be prudent.”</li> <li><strong>. . .</strong><span> </span>He’s been on “<strong><em>Meet the Press</em></strong>” and many other talk shows about that good ole<span> </span><strong><em>fiscal cliff</em></strong>, which we’re falling off of.</li> <li><strong>. . .</strong><span> </span>He even looks like<span> </span><strong>Carvey</strong>.</li> <li><strong>. . .</strong><span> </span>Unbelievable.</li> <li>Those “<strong><em>David Beckham  Bodyware</em></strong>” ads for<span> </span><strong><em>H&amp;M</em></strong><span> </span>are back just in time for<span> </span><strong><em>Christmas</em></strong>.</li> <li><strong>. . .</strong><span> </span>They accent his “natural” bulge.</li> <li><strong>. . .</strong><span> </span>And<span> </span><strong>Donald Trump</strong><span> </span>no longer has blond hair in the ads for his “<strong><em>Signature Collection</em></strong>” of menswear.</li> <li><strong>. . .</strong><span> </span>It looks like he’s got a dark rinse on it.</li> <li><strong>. . .</strong><span> </span>His “signature” comb-back, however, is the same.</li> <li><strong>. . .</strong><span> </span><strong>UH</strong><span> </span><strong>. . .</strong><span> </span>“<strong><em>Kookie, Kookie (Lend Me Your Comb</em></strong>)” –<span> </span><strong>Ed (Kookie) Byrnes and Connie Stevens</strong>, on<span> </span><strong><em>Warner Bros. Records</em></strong>,<span> </span><strong><em>1960</em></strong>.   </li> </ol></div> <div class="field field--name-field-tags field--type-entity-reference field--label-hidden field--items"> <div class="field--item"><a href="/taxonomy/term/401" hreflang="en">Mike Tyson</a></div> <div class="field--item"><a href="/taxonomy/term/402" hreflang="en">Robin Givens</a></div> <div class="field--item"><a href="/taxonomy/term/124" hreflang="en">Brad Pitt</a></div> <div class="field--item"><a href="/taxonomy/term/403" hreflang="en">Helen Mirren</a></div> <div class="field--item"><a href="/taxonomy/term/404" hreflang="en">Anthony Hopkins</a></div> <div class="field--item"><a href="/taxonomy/term/405" hreflang="en">Scarlett Johansson</a></div> <div class="field--item"><a href="/taxonomy/term/406" hreflang="en">Jessica Biel</a></div> <div class="field--item"><a href="/taxonomy/term/407" hreflang="en">Psycho</a></div> <div class="field--item"><a href="/taxonomy/term/408" hreflang="en">Jason Gould</a></div> <div class="field--item"><a href="/taxonomy/term/387" hreflang="en">Christmas</a></div> <div class="field--item"><a href="/taxonomy/term/409" hreflang="en">John McAfee</a></div> <div class="field--item"><a href="/taxonomy/term/410" hreflang="en">Robin Roberts</a></div> <div class="field--item"><a href="/taxonomy/term/411" hreflang="en">Katie Couric</a></div> <div class="field--item"><a href="/taxonomy/term/412" hreflang="en">Rob Corker</a></div> <div class="field--item"><a href="/taxonomy/term/333" hreflang="en">David Beckham</a></div> <div class="field--item"><a href="/taxonomy/term/413" hreflang="en">Trump</a></div> </div> <div class="field field--name-field-random-logo field--type-image field--label-above"> <div class="field--label">Random Logo</div> <div class="field--item"> <a href="/randomthoughts/i-went-hard-stallion-wet-noodle" hreflang="en"><img src="/sites/default/files/default_images/ROCCI-Random-nuheader.gif" width="540" height="99" alt="Random Logo" typeof="foaf:Image" class="img-responsive" /> </a> </div> </div> <section class="field field--name-comment field--type-comment field--label-above comment-wrapper"> <h2 class="title comment-form__title">Add new comment</h2> <drupal-render-placeholder callback="comment.lazy_builders:renderForm" arguments="0=node&amp;1=106&amp;2=comment&amp;3=comment" token="EaHgcjlI8ZFeDvgXtE-AeMHOuxtkBvHscvUH7uWWCkI"></drupal-render-placeholder> </section> Thu, 13 Sep 2012 01:00:08 +0000 Rocci Fisch 106 at